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Martial arts made profound changes in our lives and it can do the same for yours too. Get fit, reach your goals, gain confidence and experience Ottawa’s best-kept secret.

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At Silver 7 Martial Arts in Kanata & Barrhaven, our mission is to inspire every one of our students through martial arts and fitness training to become leaders that exemplify self-confidence, respect, and a commitment to a healthy lifestyle.

We have developed a first-class curriculum, led by talented and energetic role models, that is specifically designed to improve your child’s fitness, self-confidence, and martial arts skills in a safe, constructive, and fun environment.



As dedicated lifetime martial arts practitioners and teachers, we at Silver 7 Martial Arts know firsthand that physical training is only one component of a comprehensive martial arts program for children. Built into each one of our classes are components that tackle the issues that children face every day, such as self-discipline, bullying, leadership, and self-confidence.

It is our goal to work with you in helping guide your child and develop their character using the safe, fun, and challenging world of martial arts.



We would love the opportunity to give you and your child a tour of our schools and a chance to try out our online and in-person classes. We offer tours and free introductory lessons at our Kanata & Barrhaven locations as well as on our Online Academy so that you can see our martial arts facilities, our curriculum, and instructors in action!

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Why is martial arts important for kids?



This world is often thrown around but rarely understood by young children. We educate on why it is important, how it is earned, shown and maintained – on and off the mat.


Not only will your child be challenged in martial arts, but placed in situations to foster leadership & social skills, building lifetime friendships and fostering self-confidence.

Goal Setting

Properly setting goals, planning to achieve them, and following through is a vital skill for children as they grow into independent adults & as children on the mat, at home & at school.

Activity & Achievement

Physical activity is crucial to staying healthy at all ages. We develop strength balance, flexibility, coordination and fitness, instilling positive habits for a healthy & successful lifestyle.

Social Awareness

We aim to affirm non-violent conflict resolution & anti-bullying skills in addition to our effective martial arts training to safely handle against bullying, verbal and physical threats.

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Call us today for a tour of our Kanata or Barrhaven facility and a FREE introductory lesson to witness the positive impact martial arts and Silver 7 has on a child’s development.



“I really enjoy training at Silver 7 Martial Arts, especially Brazilian jiu jitsu. It makes me feel like a kid again and my goal for the new year is to be a better fighter. The instructors are very friendly and kind and they show a lot of patience answering my questions. They check on me and motivate me if I am sick and miss a class. Also, they don't play any games with pricing. Everything is straight forward and honest.”

S Michal

“Sensei Wilson has more than exceeded our expectations - his energy and enthusiasm is contagious and our boys LOVE going to their little ninja class with him. His teaching style is absolutely perfect - I was most impressed with how he dealt with my little guys not following rules very well yesterday (they started to army crawl away when they were supposed to wait - he caught up to them, grabbed one leg of each child and dragged them back to the start, smiling the entire time. They were all laughing when he said go but didn't let go of their legs giving the other children a head start. Brilliant.) Oh, and his patience with them is very impressive!!! The entire team at the Kanata location is so genuine, welcoming, friendly and supportive. We are confident we chose the right dojo for our family!”

Gina Cianci