COVID-19 Protocols for Everyone's Safety - Silver 7 Martial Arts

Martial arts made profound changes in our lives and it can do the same for yours too. Get fit, reach your goals, gain confidence and experience Ottawa’s best-kept secret.

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Our focus is to provide in-person classes that are safe, effective, fair, and preventative.

  • Mask policy
  • Mandatory completion of Health Screening Form before each class 
  • Instructors will check-in students manually
  • Detailed attendance tracking
  • Updated in-person training & Online Academy
  • Redefined non-contact Martial Arts curriculum
  • Limited class sizes
  • New classroom layout
  • Enforcing social distancing
  • 15 minutes between classes to sanitize mats, equipment, and other areas
  • Sanitation stations upon entrance and exit, bathrooms, and classrooms
  • Bathrooms only open for emergency use (sanitized after every use)
  • No access to common spaces like changing rooms or water stations

Online scheduling is now MANDATORY to reserve a spot in in-person classes. Reservations open 1 week ahead of classes and up to 24 hours before. We will not be accepting last-minute calls or reservations. You may schedule up to 2 in-studio classes a week although our online classes are unlimited! If you are in a vulnerable population or live with someone who is, please consider NOT scheduling an in-person class and take advantage of our online classes. Zoom links will be available for all studio classes.

  • If you feel unwell please stay home and do class online
  • You must sanitize your hands upon entering and exiting the classroom
  • There will be NO CONTACT permitted in class including but not limited to: handshakes, tying belts, high fives, arm bumps, pad drills, self-defence techniques
  • Students must stay in their designated spot at all times
  • Arrive to class in uniform (change rooms are not available)
  • Please bring a water bottle and/or towel (water stations will not be available)
  • Bathrooms are for emergency use only where directional arrows need to be followed and you must sanitize the washroom after every use
  • Practice appropriate hygiene or you may respectfully be asked to leave
  • Parents are NOT permitted in the training room
  • Parents will be able to view class through the window
  • Parents must stay in the parking lot and be available by cell phone
  • Parents are asked to greet us at the front door to answer questions
  • If your child is not cooperating or practicing social distancing, we will give you a call and respectively ask them to leave
  • If your child is not practicing proper hygiene, we will give you a call and respectively ask them to leave
  • MUST arrive 5-10 minutes before class starts. Admission will be done one at a time at the door. Parents must escort their child to the front door and will be asked to answer health-related questions about their child or anyone they may have been in contact with
  • Upon arrival please follow all proper physical distancing procedures while waiting for admission
  • Due to health and safety reasons, we will close the entrance to our classroom at exactly the start time of the class. Once classes have begun we will have no new students entering the facility
  • Upon admission, students will be directed to a designated spot on the mat where they must remain for the entire duration of the class to ensure proper physical distancing from other students and instructors
  • Sanitation stations, available at both the entrance and the exit, must be used before and after class
  • Students will be asked to wear their whole uniform (gi pants, gi top or silver7 t-shirt, belt). Face masks, water bottles, and personal towels are also acceptable, however, no sparring gear is permitted
  • Bathroom facilities are available for emergency use only. Please try to use the bathroom before attending a class (you must sanitize it after every use)
  • Students must stay in their designated spots for the entire duration of the class
  • Physical contact of any sort is not permitted until further notice
  • Any belongings the student brings with them to class must also stay within their designated spot
  • If in a situation where a student is asked to leave the classroom, they will be escorted to the exit by an instructor and their parents will be asked to pick them up
  • After class students will be directed to the exit one person at a time using our designated laneways. Students must collect all their belongings if any and use the sanitation stations before leaving the classroom
  • We ask that parents are ready and wait by the exit to pick up their child after class

We appreciate your patience and considerate actions in keeping our studios, members, and instructors safe during this pandemic. We assure you that these measures are temporary and we are looking forward to normal classes just as much as you. We are taking this virus seriously and are enforcing as many precautions as possible. If you have any concerns please sent us an email: [email protected].